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1. Offer job skills training: Providing job skills training to Afghan refugee women in the US can help them become more competitive in the job market. For example Resume Writing and basic computer skills

2.  Create employment networks: Creating employment networks for Afghan refugee women can help them connect with potential employers and tap into job openings. This could involve utilizing existing networks in the community or partnering with nonprofits or employment agencies.

3. Provide mentoring: Providing mentoring to Afghan refugee women can help them prepare for job searches and increase their chances of being hired. Working with mentors that they can relate to, such as other Afghan women in the US, will help them to navigate the job market more easily.

4. Connect with pro boners: Connecting Afghan refugee women with pro boners (volunteers) can help them gain access to services such as legal aid and career counseling that they may not otherwise be able to afford.

5. Advocate for fair and equitable policies: Advocating for more fair and equitable policies within the US labor market can help ensure that Afghan refugee women have a better chance of getting hired. This could involve pushing for increased access to training programs and other policies that could benefit them.

Beyond Horizons will not only lead to economic empowerment within the Afghan community, it will also improve the overall well-being of women and children within the Afghan communities.

We also understand that educational and job opportunities can help to improve the integration of Afghan women into American society which can promote social cohesion and reduce discrimination.

We are involving not only American-born and raised volunteers, but we are also involving the newly arrived refugees who have the language skills and connections within the Afghan community to further promote women's education and work in society.